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SutherlandGold’s JP Cavender Wins ‘PR Up and Comer 2018’ from the Bulldog Awards

Bulldog Awards Winner, JP Cavender

Today, the Bulldog Awards officially announced that SG’s very own JP Cavender received the PR Up and Comer 2018 award! We’re proud of JP not only because he deserves to be recognized for his ability to help brands and thought leaders craft a compelling story and own their narrative, but because his story illuminates so much in regards to what so many of us love about SG and what makes it a special place to work.

We’ve watched JP grow over the last year and a half, from intern to content specialist. What we’ve seen in JP, and this is true of all our staff, is this desire to make a difference. One of the elements that makes SutherlandGold unique is that it is a place where ambitious, self-starters can grow. Our leadership team recognizes talent and tries to figure out: how can we help you develop your skill-set? How can we build off your existing talents and strengths to make this the best job possible for you?

Often, when we describe what makes a “best place to work,” we focus on the workplace culture, but not the structures that exist to support that culture. It’s been eye-opening to watch how managers have worked hand in hand with their direct reports to develop a plan of action for career advancement. In only a year and a half, we’ve had seven interns graduate and become assistant account executives, and had multiple colleagues specialize in media relations, content, or social media and fearlessly own their talents.

It’s a pretty awesome thing to be a part of, to truly feel like a part of a team, and we’re all excited to celebrate our next win. Whether it’s a teammate securing coverage in the NYT, working with brands to land their first byline in their favorite trade, or celebrating a client’s well-deserved award, it feels like we’re always congratulating someone at SG for their huge win at the agency. Clients look to us for guidance on how to change the media’s narrative, to own the most compelling parts of their story, and develop a singular voice around the issues that matter most to them. It’s creative, strategic thinkers that help us shape these stories, give them depth, and direction. Each win from our talented team members improves the lives of all of us, makes us feel like we’re part of something bigger than ourselves, and pushes us to be our best.

So thank you JP, and everyone who hustles at SutherlandGold for reminding us of what we can achieve together!

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