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The Audience that Inspires Us

The average American spends 728 minutes per day absorbing different types of media. That’s more than half a day living, breathing, and taking in different stories, on every kind of platform, from Facebook to television. So what does this tell us about our audience and the future of storytelling?

Not all stories are created equal and neither are all audiences. With the sheer volume of media we’re consuming, we’re living through a time when everyone actively seeks stories that resonate with them. It used to be a media-packaged world, now it’s an audience-driven one. In this world, it’s still meaningful to get mass-market media, but to broaden your base you need to find your people, talk to them, and invite them to talk back.

Companies have always been thought of as executive-led, but now communities have an active voice and are the difference in making brands stand out. So what happens when the community is a stakeholder in your story? You need to up your game.

That’s what we are doing at Sutherlandgold. Today, we are announcing that we have acquired New York-based Astro Media to give us new digital capabilities to create the stories that inspire the right audiences and embolden them to champion your story. Astro founder, Rachelle Spero, will be joining our firm as Chief Innovation Officer and Executive Vice President. Rachelle has long been an innovator in the world of digital marketing and previously was a Partner at Brunswick Group, as well as an Executive Vice President at Cohn & Wolfe where she managed the firm’s Global Digital Practice. Rachelle is working from our New York City office, bringing new energy and creativity to our mission.

We have always been an agency that prides itself on making you rethink assumptions, adopt new frameworks, and read between the lines. In keeping with this idea, we’ve also created a new brand identity and updated our website to reflect our new commitment and capabilities. For innovative brands change is audience-inspired. We continue to be inspired by ours.


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